Dedicated Server Prices Slashed

As part of an on-going plan to drastically reposition our dedicated server range next year, we are now offering our existing range of servers at quite remarkable rates.

Our new prices will be the last revision made to this range of server hardware – after they are gone, they’re gone!

  • Entry Level Dedicated Servers, now from £39 / month
  • Mid-Range Dedicated Servers, now from £59 / month
  • High-End Dedicated Servers, now from £79 / month
  • Ultimate Dedicated Servers, now from £99 / month
You can read more about these servers, and place an order before they are gone, by clicking here.

Q1 2013 will see an exciting range of new servers introduced, far more powerful and far more affordable. We are set to quickly become the UK’s most affordable high-specification dedicated server provider, with servers specifically designed for high-speed hosting, virtualisation, and big data.

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Our Data Centre’s First Birthday is This Christmas

Netwise Hosting South, our first privately designed, built, owned and operated data centre facility, has now been fully operational for 12 months – and what a fantastic first year we have had here at our South London home.

We have been celebrating our data centre’s first birthday with some fantastic offers that really push the boundaries of high-value hosting services here in the UK’s capital city.

Celebratory Offers

The first of these offers is our ULTIMATE99 promotional code, which reduces our applauded Ultimate Dedicated Server platform down to just £99 / month. This server is widely used by organisations around the world, who rely on Netwise Hosting’s infrastructure day in, day out.

The second is perhaps our largest offer to date – COLOCATION50. This promotion gives clients an impressive 50% off for the first 3 months of service on any of our Server Colocation deployments. Our £699 / month Full Rack packages are now just £349 / month for the first 3 months. Please quote ‘COLOCATION50‘ in any enquiries to secure these rates.

Welcoming Windows Server 2012

We are also launching Windows Server 2012 on our provisioning system this month, which will mean clients can deploy servers with Microsoft’s latest server operating system. Licence pricing will be available on our website starting 28/11/2012.

New Data Centre Video Coming Soon

As part of our end-of-year celebrations, we will also be releasing a new Netwise Hosting South video, with some video testimonials from happy customers, and a closer look at the data centre’s new features added since our first Overview video in December 2011.

What to do when your PC stops working

We have been working within the IT industry for a number of years here at Netwise Hosting, and when we find a company that provides real benefit to us and our customers, we like to promote what they offer.

We have had the pleasure of building up a fantastic business relationship with Remote Techs, an experienced company offering a great range of instant computer support services. If you are ever left wondering what to do when your PC stops working, all you have to do is contact Remote Techs – they will be able to solve the problem for you, whatever it may be, quickly and effectively.

Remote Techs

This is an instant service – they are able to access your computer remotely from their offices, without the need to physically be with you and your PC. Gone are the days of needing to transport your computer to the nearest computer repair shop, where you often have to leave your PC with them for a lengthy period of time. With Remote Techs instant remote service, you don’t even need to leave the house! They have a full range of transparent pricing options available through their website (much like we do) so you’ll be able to see exactly how much they charge for the services they provide.

One of the other key features that really impresses us about Remote Techs is that they adopt a ‘jargon free’ approach to IT support – rare these days! They are not in the business of trying to confuse; they always aim to show you why your computer has stopped functioning properly to help avoid it from happening again in the future.

No longer do you need to worry about what to do when your PC stops working. From our experience, you can speak with the IT advisers at Remote Techs via their instant ‘live help’ feature which can be found on the home page of their website. If you would prefer, you can also contact them by calling their team on 0800 6121 380.

Fully Comprehensive Colocation and Connectivity Packages Now Available

Netwise Hosting’s OpenAccess Connectivity Partner has just announced the most aggressive private business fibre circuit pricing ever seen in the UK. Our clients now have exclusive access to these rates, which combined with our remarkable Server Colocation pricing makes for the ultimate IT outsourcing package.

We are calling this unique service COLO-CONNECT. The catch? You only have until the 31/10/2012 to apply for a quote before these prices rise back to market value.

You can now introduce a high speed fibre connection to your office, and colocate safe in the knowledge that you can talk to your remote machines unimpeded. It has never been more affordable to install a private leased-line and colocate with Netwise Hosting.

Any premises on-net with Virgin Business can now obtain a 100Mbps fibre circuit on a 1Gbps Bearer for £160 / month, with varying setup fees dependant on contract length and initial circuit size.

An example package would look like this;

COLO-CONNECT from Netwise Hosting

– Full Rack Colocation with 8 Amps Power & 20Mbps CDR
£699 / month


– 100Mbps Private Leased-Line Virgin Business Circuit on 1Gbps Bearer
£899 / month
£160 / month

£859 / month*

*Setup costs vary depending on length of terms, and can be spread across 12 months

For more information, please contact us. Please ensure all quotation requests are in place by the 31/10/2012.

Freemium Backup Now Available

With the launch of our new online backup service a resounding success, the time is right to give out a little more information about our exclusive Freemium backup accounts.

Our Freemium service is a 1GB account based on our Office Backup package, free for you to use for life. The idea behind this service is to present users with a real, fully featured working version of our service to try for as long as desired before upgrading to a package with more space.

We have cut no features from the Freemium package – it is essentially our Office Backup service with a 1GB storage allowance, perfect for getting to grips with the system, or for keeping as a small backup location for a limited amount of data.

You can apply for your Freemium account today by clicking here. Use your new free backup service as and when you please; you can even keep all of your existing backups if you choose to upgrade to a larger storage allowance!

We also offer a world-class Enterprise Backup service, perfect for those with more demanding backup requirements, including server-side service backups of Exchange servers and databases.