Dedicated Server Prices Slashed

As part of an on-going plan to drastically reposition our dedicated server range next year, we are now offering our existing range of servers at quite remarkable rates.

Our new prices will be the last revision made to this range of server hardware – after they are gone, they’re gone!

  • Entry Level Dedicated Servers, now from £39 / month
  • Mid-Range Dedicated Servers, now from £59 / month
  • High-End Dedicated Servers, now from £79 / month
  • Ultimate Dedicated Servers, now from £99 / month
You can read more about these servers, and place an order before they are gone, by clicking here.

Q1 2013 will see an exciting range of new servers introduced, far more powerful and far more affordable. We are set to quickly become the UK’s most affordable high-specification dedicated server provider, with servers specifically designed for high-speed hosting, virtualisation, and big data.

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