Best Dedicated Server for October 2013

Top 10 October 2013Netwise Hosting have been voted into the top 10 hosts in the Best Dedicated Server category for October 2013, by leading hosting consumer guide HostReview.

This award comes to us again this month, having received the same accolade from HostReview in July and January 2013, and November 2012. We were also placed in the top 10 overall for the year in 2012.

We work very hard to earn these awards, which we hope illustrates our commitment to our customers.

What to do when your PC stops working

We have been working within the IT industry for a number of years here at Netwise Hosting, and when we find a company that provides real benefit to us and our customers, we like to promote what they offer.

We have had the pleasure of building up a fantastic business relationship with Remote Techs, an experienced company offering a great range of instant computer support services. If you are ever left wondering what to do when your PC stops working, all you have to do is contact Remote Techs – they will be able to solve the problem for you, whatever it may be, quickly and effectively.

Remote Techs

This is an instant service – they are able to access your computer remotely from their offices, without the need to physically be with you and your PC. Gone are the days of needing to transport your computer to the nearest computer repair shop, where you often have to leave your PC with them for a lengthy period of time. With Remote Techs instant remote service, you don’t even need to leave the house! They have a full range of transparent pricing options available through their website (much like we do) so you’ll be able to see exactly how much they charge for the services they provide.

One of the other key features that really impresses us about Remote Techs is that they adopt a ‘jargon free’ approach to IT support – rare these days! They are not in the business of trying to confuse; they always aim to show you why your computer has stopped functioning properly to help avoid it from happening again in the future.

No longer do you need to worry about what to do when your PC stops working. From our experience, you can speak with the IT advisers at Remote Techs via their instant ‘live help’ feature which can be found on the home page of their website. If you would prefer, you can also contact them by calling their team on 0800 6121 380.

Ultimate Dedicated Server Review

We always welcome reviews here at Netwise Hosting. Naturally, many of our reviews end up out on the world wide web, on forums and chatrooms where they can be accessed by the community at large. However on occasion we are contacted directly by clients who wish to offer a little deeper insight into their experiences with us. These will often be summarised into short service testimonials which can be found on our main website. Yet recently we received a slighty more acute review of our Ultimate Dedicated Server system hardware, which we would like to share on our blog with our readers.

I required a dedicated server for my business, and after plenty of searching online for affordable UK hosting providers, I came across your service [Netwise Hosting]. I required a fairly powerful system, as I deploy applications across the net and host a number of high-traffic sites. The 50% offer made it highly attractive to go straight for the Ultimate Dedicated Server, as this would allow for expansion in the future.

Having dealt with [other hosts] in the past, I have noticed some hardware imbalance. My [last] server had been loaded up with plenty of RAM, but did not come up to scratch in terms of processing power. The bottlenecking became a real problem, and basic functions would backlog until the server would slow to a snails pace.

The most impressive thing about the Ultimate Dedicated Server is its balanced performance. It would have been easy to stick way too much cheap RAM in, yet its balanced set of hardware works perfectly. My new server has run very smoothly from the offset. Its very rare that I can say I have experienced no problems with an online service, but I really can not think of any thus far with Netwise. I look forward to expanding my business with [Netwise Hosting] in the near future

We would like to thank Robert Calloway for his glowing review, and naturally we would like to hear from more satisfied customers. Netwise Hosting strive to provide only the most robust of servers, which we hope shows itself tangibly in our success record to date.

Review – HP ProLiant DL140 G3 High-End Servers

The High-End dedicated servers from Netwise Hosting offer customers with an impressive array of features, coupled with a solid set of hardware to ensure internal operations are completed just as fast as external operations.

In our previous review we discussed the custom-built solutions employed by Netwise Hosting in providing balanced services for both Entry Level and Mid-Range server solutions. Whilst a custom solution could also have been employed for our High-End services, the Netwise Hosting team felt customers would expect a solid brand to power their technologies when purchasing a flagship dedicated server. Because of this, a number of the worlds largest technology manufacturers were approached in determining a workable solution for our clients.

After tireless searching for a server platform we could rely on, and feel comfortable in rolling out to our end users, we settled on a tried and tested hardware set from HP (Hewlett-Packard).
HP were able to deliver a balanced solution for our High-End specification, also providing us with excellent aftercare and supplementary services. Of course, all of these services are passed onto our customers, helping Netwise Hosting deliver on our uptime guarantees and quality promises.

The HP ProLiant series is perhaps the best selling and most industry-proven server platform used in the IT sector today. The build quality and leading internal technologies make for a robust package offering users a powerful tool which can be used in any number of ways.

The DL140 G3 (3rd Generation) combines all of the features offered by HP’s ProLiant series into a powerful rack server with an unbeatable performance to value ratio. As standard, the DL140 G3 comes with a modest set of internals, offering little towards our expectations in delivering industry beating power to our High-End clients. Therefore the HP systems we employ here at the private Netwise Hosting datacentre are customised to match the requirements we know our customers will expect.

With the raw power of the High-End dedicated servers being provided by a Quad 2.0GHz Intel® Xeon™ Processor, there is never a need to worry about the efficient running of power-hungry applications. Quad core processors from the Xeon™ range give the user four symmetric multi-processing units to employ in even the most demanding data crunching scenarios. This is connected to the rest of the system through a 1333FSB, making for instant cross-hardware data transfer. Couple this with the large 8MB Cache and you have one of the most robust server processors on the market today.

The powerful processor speeds are supplemented perfectly with 4GB’s of DDRII Dual Channel Memory running at 667MHz. You will not be encountering any speed issues with a RAM package like that, with high usage applications having more than enough memory to feed on. The RAID1 (mirror) storage setup that comes as standard on the High-End server packages also promotes a perfectly balanced system, running on two 500GB SATA drives with an operating speed of 7200RPM.

In summary, the Netwise Hosting High-End dedicated server (powered by the HP ProLiant DL140 G3) is the ultimate in online service luxury. No corners have been cut in ensuring clients receive excellent value for money, and have the opportunity to use one of the most powerful and well-balanced server platforms on the market.

Visit our high-end server page today to see just how affordable it is to obtain your very own high-end dedicated server from Netwise Hosting.

Review – Entry Level/Mid-Range Servers

When it comes to our Entry Level dedicated server packages here at Netwise Hosting, we build and deploy fully customised servers into our system infrastructure. We do not rely on third party hardware vendors such as Dell or HP, as we feel we can better cater for the requirements of our entry level customers by building a completely unique custom solution. We have full creative freedom over how our servers are put together, and the components we use.

By selecting only the very best components for our dedicated server platforms, we are better able to ensure we meet our uptime guarantees and have full control over our own upgrade system.

Speed and reliability are at the heart of the Netwise Hosting ethos, which is why we will always apply such factors very rigidly to our hardware. All processors within the Entry and Mid-Range dedicated server packages are from the rock-solid Xeon™ series from Intel®. We feel this gives customers the piece of mind they require in understanding the quality of each component, and also ensures that we are delivering the exceptional levels of quality we always promise to clients. The processors in the Entry Level servers run an Intel® Xeon™ 2.8Ghz processor specifically designed to operate in the power-hungry world of dedicated servers. These come with a  533FSB for very quick interaction with the motherboard, and a 512KB cache giving supreme speed increases to applications and regular tasks. The processor in this machine is backed up with fast 1GB DDR 266MHz RAM, meaning your server operates consistently with stable high speeds.

Value for money is centric to the Entry Level server specification, meaning you are receiving serious punch for your money. As one of the cheapest solutions available on the web today, the Entry Level servers provided by our team here at Netwise Hosting offer the user an incredibly affordable solution without compromising on speed or quality.

The Mid-Range solutions are based around the same custom server platform as the Entry Level servers, but with a considerable speed boost. These servers come with Dual Intel® Xeon™ 2.8Ghz processors, giving an incredibly noticeable speed increase over the Entry Level servers. The systems RAM is doubled giving 2GB of DDR 266MHz Dual Channel Memory. The Mid-Range servers also sport two 250GB SATA 7200RPM Hard Disks, running in RAID1 (mirror) for added data security.

All servers within the Netwise Hosting facility are full connected to the UPS infrastructure, meaning power failures are a thing of the past. Your server will be online regardless of any problems with mains power at the substation. This adds an extra degree of data security, and added peace of mind.

All in all, the Entry Level and Mid-Range servers from Netwise Hosting offer the user an unparalleled level of value without any quality-based shortcomings. It has never been so affordable and stress-free for you to own a personal dedicated server and begin taking full advantage of its endless uses and features.