Ultimate Dedicated Server Review

We always welcome reviews here at Netwise Hosting. Naturally, many of our reviews end up out on the world wide web, on forums and chatrooms where they can be accessed by the community at large. However on occasion we are contacted directly by clients who wish to offer a little deeper insight into their experiences with us. These will often be summarised into short service testimonials which can be found on our main website. Yet recently we received a slighty more acute review of our Ultimate Dedicated Server system hardware, which we would like to share on our blog with our readers.

I required a dedicated server for my business, and after plenty of searching online for affordable UK hosting providers, I came across your service [Netwise Hosting]. I required a fairly powerful system, as I deploy applications across the net and host a number of high-traffic sites. The 50% offer made it highly attractive to go straight for the Ultimate Dedicated Server, as this would allow for expansion in the future.

Having dealt with [other hosts] in the past, I have noticed some hardware imbalance. My [last] server had been loaded up with plenty of RAM, but did not come up to scratch in terms of processing power. The bottlenecking became a real problem, and basic functions would backlog until the server would slow to a snails pace.

The most impressive thing about the Ultimate Dedicated Server is its balanced performance. It would have been easy to stick way too much cheap RAM in, yet its balanced set of hardware works perfectly. My new server has run very smoothly from the offset. Its very rare that I can say I have experienced no problems with an online service, but I really can not think of any thus far with Netwise. I look forward to expanding my business with [Netwise Hosting] in the near future

We would like to thank Robert Calloway for his glowing review, and naturally we would like to hear from more satisfied customers. Netwise Hosting strive to provide only the most robust of servers, which we hope shows itself tangibly in our success record to date.

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