Review – HP ProLiant DL140 G3 High-End Servers

The High-End dedicated servers from Netwise Hosting offer customers with an impressive array of features, coupled with a solid set of hardware to ensure internal operations are completed just as fast as external operations.

In our previous review we discussed the custom-built solutions employed by Netwise Hosting in providing balanced services for both Entry Level and Mid-Range server solutions. Whilst a custom solution could also have been employed for our High-End services, the Netwise Hosting team felt customers would expect a solid brand to power their technologies when purchasing a flagship dedicated server. Because of this, a number of the worlds largest technology manufacturers were approached in determining a workable solution for our clients.

After tireless searching for a server platform we could rely on, and feel comfortable in rolling out to our end users, we settled on a tried and tested hardware set from HP (Hewlett-Packard).
HP were able to deliver a balanced solution for our High-End specification, also providing us with excellent aftercare and supplementary services. Of course, all of these services are passed onto our customers, helping Netwise Hosting deliver on our uptime guarantees and quality promises.

The HP ProLiant series is perhaps the best selling and most industry-proven server platform used in the IT sector today. The build quality and leading internal technologies make for a robust package offering users a powerful tool which can be used in any number of ways.

The DL140 G3 (3rd Generation) combines all of the features offered by HP’s ProLiant series into a powerful rack server with an unbeatable performance to value ratio. As standard, the DL140 G3 comes with a modest set of internals, offering little towards our expectations in delivering industry beating power to our High-End clients. Therefore the HP systems we employ here at the private Netwise Hosting datacentre are customised to match the requirements we know our customers will expect.

With the raw power of the High-End dedicated servers being provided by a Quad 2.0GHz Intel® Xeon™ Processor, there is never a need to worry about the efficient running of power-hungry applications. Quad core processors from the Xeon™ range give the user four symmetric multi-processing units to employ in even the most demanding data crunching scenarios. This is connected to the rest of the system through a 1333FSB, making for instant cross-hardware data transfer. Couple this with the large 8MB Cache and you have one of the most robust server processors on the market today.

The powerful processor speeds are supplemented perfectly with 4GB’s of DDRII Dual Channel Memory running at 667MHz. You will not be encountering any speed issues with a RAM package like that, with high usage applications having more than enough memory to feed on. The RAID1 (mirror) storage setup that comes as standard on the High-End server packages also promotes a perfectly balanced system, running on two 500GB SATA drives with an operating speed of 7200RPM.

In summary, the Netwise Hosting High-End dedicated server (powered by the HP ProLiant DL140 G3) is the ultimate in online service luxury. No corners have been cut in ensuring clients receive excellent value for money, and have the opportunity to use one of the most powerful and well-balanced server platforms on the market.

Visit our high-end server page today to see just how affordable it is to obtain your very own high-end dedicated server from Netwise Hosting.


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