Freemium Backup Now Available

With the launch of our new online backup service a resounding success, the time is right to give out a little more information about our exclusive Freemium backup accounts.

Our Freemium service is a 1GB account based on our Office Backup package, free for you to use for life. The idea behind this service is to present users with a real, fully featured working version of our service to try for as long as desired before upgrading to a package with more space.

We have cut no features from the Freemium package – it is essentially our Office Backup service with a 1GB storage allowance, perfect for getting to grips with the system, or for keeping as a small backup location for a limited amount of data.

You can apply for your Freemium account today by clicking here. Use your new free backup service as and when you please; you can even keep all of your existing backups if you choose to upgrade to a larger storage allowance!

We also offer a world-class Enterprise Backup service, perfect for those with more demanding backup requirements, including server-side service backups of Exchange servers and databases.


  1. @thomas Sorry, we will be capping the Freemium accounts at 1GB for now. For more space, take a look at our Office and Enterprise Backup services, from 50GB+.

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