London East Build Blog – Weeks 47 and 48

We have another two weeks in the books on-site at London East, as things continue to develop as we head towards energisation.

The last couple of weeks have seen a good amount of change across a number of areas, including dramatic visual changes in Data Hall 1, and to the generator canopies.

Weekly overview

The containment system in Data Hall 1 has now been partially assembled, scheduled for completion next week. Most importantly, the two pod entry / exit doors have been installed, and had their electric opening and closing mechanisms setup.

Here we see one of the pod entry and exit doors partially assembled, with the cabling strung out for testing
This angle is from inside the pod, looking towards the front of the room, as the containment roof panels begin to find their place atop the rows of cabinets
A look at the rear of the racks, as the system continues to be assembled, including baying, roofing, cable trough installation etc
This view is of the second pod entry and exit door, found at the rear of the hall, as it is assembled
The front-side pod access door now fully assembled – it will receive vinyl signage similar to that found at London Central later in the project
The speed gates for access to the technical spaces at London East are now fully integrated and assembled, pending their walk plates (as seem temporarily placed here) and carpeting
The first round of panel mountings have begun, with the fire alarm / extinguishant panel and cooling system control and status screen for Data Hall 1 shown here
A closer look at the fire system panels, which are now in place for all data halls and LV rooms
A closer look at the Weinview screen panel, which will show cooling status and master controls for Data Hall 1
The data halls and LV rooms at East have latest-generation VESDA-E units installed, pending air sample pipe work installation shortly – the data hall models, as seen here, are the full visual output models
Here we see the VESDA-E units as mounted in the LV rooms
The generator canopies have now been refinished in the same anthracite grey as found across this new site, pending ID vinyls in due course
The generators, alongside being fully commissioned from an electrical connection and control standpoint, will also have a final clearcoat applied in the next few weeks, and some removable security access panels fitting in the gaps between them (effectively zoning them off from the compound)
These are the extraction cowls destined for installation on the roof, over the top of the rear cold corridors
These are the various components that will make up the intake louvres, destined for installation on the rear face of the building, allowing our evaporative cooling plant to intake external air, through our forthcoming bag filter wall

The containment pods are extremely impressive in person, and will provide a dominant focal point for the first hall. The contact-free entry system, which makes use of a proximity sensor, is particularly impressive to see and use.

The walls – as seen above – have begun to see more tech installed upon them, in the form of various panel boards for various systems. These will have their feeds installed as the main electrical works are underway. In particular, the newest generation VESDA-E panels are very striking, and work much better with the colour pallet at East (compared to their previous generation white / white and green panels). It’s the little details that we really love, and which come together in making a truly beautiful facility.

We think that the refinished generator canopies are a real show-stopper. These sit in a rather dominant position in the front compound, and as such we wanted to ensure they remained in-keeping with the visual language of the site. They’ll be having their ID and branding vinyls applied soon, which again will add to their commanding presence.

The adjustments to the skin of the building are scheduled to begin in the coming two to three weeks, in line with the commissioning of the water supply and drainage to the evaporative coolers, which began this week.

What’s next?

The open set of works as seen above will be brought to a close, as the main electrical contractors begin. Works will continue across the board, most intently focusing on cooling and fire system works, which are now underway throughout the building.