Netwise Hosting’s Sutton Data Centre Reaches 80% Capacity

This week has seen our South London facility reach a milestone 80% capacity. This places us ahead of our yearly targets, and has taken our profitability through the roof when compared like-for-like with the same period last year.

Exciting news regarding plans for our second data centre are set for release to the public very soon, so please keep your eyes on our blog and all other industry news outlets for more information as it breaks.

Best Dedicated Server for October 2013

Top 10 October 2013Netwise Hosting have been voted into the top 10 hosts in the Best Dedicated Server category for October 2013, by leading hosting consumer guide HostReview.

This award comes to us again this month, having received the same accolade from HostReview in July and January 2013, and November 2012. We were also placed in the top 10 overall for the year in 2012.

We work very hard to earn these awards, which we hope illustrates our commitment to our customers.

Shenton Group Appointed as UPS & Generator Contractor

We have this month appointed the Shenton Group at our primary UPS and generator maintenance contractor. The Shenton Group are experts in their field, and will be handling our power infrastructure maintenance and commissioning. We are constantly striving for service perfection, and as such we often bring in worldwide leaders in their respective fields to ensure we deliver on this promise.

If you would like to know more about our relationship with the Shenton Group and our other various partners, then please do feel free to contact us.

Netwise Hosting Highly Commended as Best Green Business

Highly CommendedThe team at Netwise Hosting are very pleased to announce that we have been Highly Commended in the Best Green Business category at this years South London Business Awards.

This places us in the top two greenest organisations in South London, beating over 2,000 fellow applicants. Our position has been secured through our commitment to green technology, saving over 250 tons of CO2 every year. That’s the same as removing 55 cars from our roads.

Our London data centre has a capacity PUE of just 1.15, one of the lowest in Europe.

We would like to thank the South London Business Awards for their hospitality on the night, and for their continued support. We will be re-entering the Sutton Business Awards later this year, hoping to follow up our win in 2012.

Improved Resilience at Netwise Hosting

The team here at Netwise is incredibly proactive when it comes to improving our data centres. Our data centres are our biggest assets, and as such we endeavour to ensure they are always performing as well as they possibly can. We leave no stone unturned in our persistent quest for service perfection.

This month has seen the addition of further resilience to the site, culminating in an improved SLA for our customers.

New BT Fibre Now Lit

Additional capacity and resilience has been added to our network through the implementation of a brand new BT line, giving us direct access into Telehouse North (THN). This improves our ability to accommodate for fail-over should anything on our existing feeds miss a beat, and also provides additional capacity into the facility.

Improved BGP Routing

This has also opened up new BGP routes, meaning improved global latencies on an increased number of pathways around the world.

New Rolls Royce Generator Live this Summer

As further illustration of our commitment to infrastructure improvements, we are installing a new generator set this June / July, which offers greater resilience in a more efficient and effective way. The new gen-set is powered by a Rolls Royce twin-turbo diesel engine, and has it’s own on-site fuel supply. We also have agreements in place with a large oil company to supply additional fuel to site within the terms of our SLA should any prolonged power outages occur.

Improved Service Level Agreement (SLA)

All of our improvement works over the past and coming months have culminated in an improved SLA for our customers, which is active immediately. We have bolstered our 99.9% uptime guarantee on connectivity up to a 99.99% uptime guarantee on both power and connectivity. Please take a look at our revised Terms and Conditions for more information.

Our Beautiful New Reception

If you have visited our facility, then you will already know first hand how important image is to us. Our school of thought is that things shouldn’t only work exceptionally well; they should be presentable and aesthetically pleasing too. Our reception has always lacked behind the rest of our site, while we invested heavily in the data centre and primary office areas. We have now extended this into the reception area, which is welcoming and modern. We hope you enjoy your visits to our facility all the more since completion of this work in early June.

Our New Reception

If you would like to know more about our recent enhancement works, or would like more information on our on-going commitment to constant facility improvements, then please do not hesitate to contact us.