What do your premises say about you?

In our modern world, image is everything. Of course the services offered have to match the image, but it is the initial impression given out by you and your business that will gain you customers – or at the very least solid enquiries.

Dedicated server providers could have it the toughest of all with regards to corporate image. The IT industry is renowned for its high-gloss polished image, and how it leads the way forward allowing other forms of industry to follow in its technological footsteps. This can be an incredibly hard precedent to live up to, especially for newer businesses with weaker cash flows. But it should always be remembered that money spent on improving your image is a multifaceted operation. It will improve a large area of your business by doubling up as a form of advertising, as well as boosting the value of your company (and its assets).

When dealing with colocation customers, it is incredibly important to promote a solid image. When clients are spending well in excess of £20,000 each year on a colocation hosting solution, the are going to expect a facility that reflects their spending. However do not be fooled into thinking this will require a brand new purpose-built datacentre with its own substation and an internal floor space extending beyond the eye can see. Far from it in fact.
All that is required is a highly respectable facility that looks professional, and is finished to a very high standard. Size is not as important as many people may think. Many industries across the globe are moving from singular large facilities to a number of smaller facilities, realising that customers appreciate the perceived notion of a more personal level of service.

The important thing to remember, as with almost anything, is quality over quantity. If your customers enter an excessively large warehouse full of server equipment, it will not necessarily aid you in building your image. Yet invite customers into a perfectly balanced premises with high-end equipment, well designed office spaces and comfortable ulitity areas, and the rest will follow on from your wise choices.

Netwise Hosting fully understand the need for exceptional quality when it comes to customer care and satisfaction. It is because of this that the team have decided to move premises. Although we will be moving from one high-tech facility to another, our new space will allow us to expand more organically, and offer our customers the very best hosting solutions on the market, for the best possible prices.

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