Twitter as a Business Tool

Social networking sites have flooded the internet in recent years, and they seem to be showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Twitter started as any other site of a similar nature does; by targeting the ‘Facebook Crowd’. Those are the people that use social networking sites to stay in contact with family, friends, partners and long-lost pals. Of course, this is all well and good, considering that the internet is densely populated with such users.

However it has become apparent that businesses are now able to tap into this sector of the online community by integrating their marketing strategies into the public domain, through websites such a Facebook and MySpace.

However, the sites existing before Twitter have tended to be a little content-heavy, as they are geared directly towards casual home users. Twitter is the first main-stream social networking site to allow simple bulletin style posts to grab subscriber attention and direct them to other areas of the web, such as media and content held in other locations.

Twitter subscriptions are very similar to RSS feeds, which makes them an ideal tool for keeping stakeholders in the business up to date with the latest news and related information. Businesses are able to use Twitter to send these stakeholders to other areas of the internet, watch rival business activity, and keep up to date with other aspects of business – both industry specific and market-wide.

Netwise Hosting use Twitter as a bulletin tool, notifying subscribers of new blog posts, news, reviews, and product information. You can find our Twitter account here.

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