Tracking Visitors to Improve Your Site

It has been possible for some time now to track visitor statistics. Many companys have offered some form of solution to this problem, with varying levels of success. The first solution to hit the big time across the globe was undoubtedly Google Analytics. This introduced users to a completely free set of feature-rich tools which allowed for the simple tracking of visitor statistics on any page within their site. These statistics could then be viewed and analysed online without the need for any software to be installed on local machines.

Although Google Analytics is still the most used and one of the most complete statistical packages available today, a number of newer solutions have surpassed the standardised feature list and gone on to lead the way in tracking applications. These often combine the functionality of a live chat system into their overall package, creating a one-stop solution for a number of web administration operations.

Yet regardless of your chosen tracking system, the fruits of such information remain constant. Some businesses seem unable to grasp the importance of tracking visitors. For anyone trading online it should be without question that some form of visitor tracking is implemented on your site.

Lets explore some of the possibilities involved with tracking your site traffic. Now we have the obvious advantages which can be outlined from the start – volume, frequency and timing statistics. These are raw sets of data showing how many people visit your website, what pages they visit, how often they visit and for how long. They often break such data down into many different categories, offering the reader a wealth of information including exactly who has visited your site with information on their browser, screen resolution and location. Even simple data such as this can prove invaluable in improving your webpages. For example, if you were to see a number of users leaving your site almost immediately you can often find similarities between the visitors in question. One thing to look out for here is browser and resolution, which could indicated that a particular group of people are having difficulty using your site because of display issues in certain resolutions/browsers. This will need to be rectified to ensure the maximum number of users within your target market are able to visit your website successfully.

Other solutions go even further, allowing site administrators to co-browse the site with visitors, to note browsing habbits and identify common exit-points within the site (areas where users tend to leave your site). Administrators can also start live chats with users and even browse for them, prompting the user to visit certain areas of the site. This all helps to boost conversion ratios and certainly aids in bringing the customer closer to the company. Exploring aspects of advanced site tracking will certainly help your business move forwards into the future with a stronger web presence. Many free solutions offer just as many features, if not more (in some cases) than more expensive options. You will not regret trying out a tracking system yourself.

Netwise Hosting now implement a highly advanced site tracking system along with a fully-featured live chat application. Try it out for yourself, and see how the ordering process is made that much easier with help from a trained member of the Netwise Hosting team.

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