Top 5 Data Centre Technologies

Datacentres combine many modern technologies in the creation of a workable platform from which businesses can operate online. Today, there are many hundreds of different ways a datacentre can combine these technologies together, making the understanding of what they are and how they work all the more important. Below you can find our Top 5 Datacentre Technologies, and how they work in creating true value for the end user.


1) Hot/Cold Aisle Containment

Keeping hot and cold air seperate inside a datacentre is essential in maintaining high levels of energy efficiency, and ensuring the optimum climate for server hardware is controlled accurately. Conditioned air that enters the front of a server should have a clear and seperate path back out of the facility, as mixing will raise temperatures, and recycle warm air – reducing the sites efficiency.

2) Biometric Security

Keeping data secure is of the utmost importance. State of the art firewalls and digital protection systems are fantastic, and are standard fayre in most datacentres today. Yet such systems are rendered useless should access to the site be achieved by those seeking to compromise your critical data. Biometric security systems will not allow access to the site without finger-print recognition. This means access is essentially impossible, unless you have authorisation. Stolen keys are not a problem with biometric systems, as your finger is the key.

3) IPv6 Infrastructure

Discussed many times on this very blog, IPv6 is the future of internet protocol technology. With the total exhaustion of IPv4 fast approaching, housing your data inside a future-proofed facility, able to support IPv6 throughout, will pay dividends.

4) Eco-Cooling

Cooling a datacentre can be a tall order. Many older datacentres still operate cooling systems that rely on refrigerants. These are very expensive to run, meaning services tend to cost more than those housed in more modern facilities. They are also far less efficient, meaning that the more densely populated the datacentre, the more harmful emissions are produced. There are a wide range of eco-cooling systems available, all of which become more efficient the more they are used. At capacity, many can reduce carbon emissions by upto 90%, and pass related savings onto you, the end user. Note that Netwise Hosting maintain a PUE of just 1.15, thanks to a state of the art evaporative cooling system.

5) Active Monitoring

Whilst your individual services may not be actively managed, ensuring your data is kept within a facility boasting 24×7 active monitoring is essential. This means that the facilities core services are constantly monitored, keeping the datacentre floor running smoothly at all times. Digital air sampling, advanced network analysis and active conditioned power monitoring are just some of the measures employed by top datacentre operators, with the aim being to keep bulletproof SLA promises a reality.


Naturally, this barely scratches the surface of the available technologies on offer today. However, ensuring your choice of datacentre utilises a wide range of modern, futureproof technologies – all implemented with your best interests at heart – will safeguard your IT deployment against any number of threats, and make certain that constant accessibility is always maintained.

Netwise Hosting’s new datacentre facility incorporates most of the leading technologies available, which work together in forming one of London’s most efficient, reliable and above all affordable hosting locations. Please contact us to request a full specification.


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