The Young Entrepreneurs Dream – Finally a Reality

Can the youth of the UK help drag the economy out of freefall?

The hosting market is a tough nut to crack, regardless of age and experience. With many of the UK’s current hosting provider’s already large multi-million pound organisations, Matthew had a daunting task ahead of him in ensuring new business proposition was to become a success. Remaining undeterred by the state of the current market, the young entrepreneur forced his way into the industry by setting a new benchmark for low pricing strategies. His unique and fresh outlook on the handling of dedicated servers and the interpersonal relationships between supplier and customer have pushed his company into the lime-light, with awards already received from large independent hosting directories.
Based on the outskirts of London, Mr Butt’s operations are impressive to say the least. Visiting his large facility in South London proved a sobering experience, considering the incredible success this young man has achieved in such a short space of time. It is very easy to forget just how young Matthew is. Immediate from the second you set foot inside the perimeter wall is just how secure the large building is. Having reviewed a number of hosting company’s in the past, the importance of security with regards to customer satisfaction is always of pressing concern. Matthew has addressed this issue with every aspect of a secure facility covered in full. CCTV, card access and keypads come as standard, along with the conventional lock and key. Stepping inside any data centre is an exciting experience for most, and the secure server rooms inside the main building did not disappoint. The humming servers are only audible once the main doors are open, and the chilling breeze from the cooling system is immediately felt on entering the rooms. The corridor of servers stretches on and on, with the flashing lights of traffic passing through the system, a hypnotic sight.
Whilst the technology is impressive in its own right, it is the scale of the business operations as a whole that take the lead in terms of overall impact. Offering well over 200 unique dedicated server packages from launch is no small feat, yet the team at Netwise Hosting have managed to bring this vast product line to the front-line of the industry without breaking a sweat. With reseller deals in China and the USA now on the table, expansion seems set to explode in the closing months of 2009.
But it hasn’t been easy for Matthew. The idea behind Netwise Hosting and indeed the Netwise Group as a collective was but a dream just a small time ago. It is the hard work of Matthew and other related staff that has lead to the success of the business, and the continuous efforts of all members of the group that ensures the company remains a solid contender in this cut-throat market. Being able to sit down and speak with some of the team proved invaluable in gaining an understanding of how the business is run, and what plans are in motion for the future.

Matthew seemed happy to discuss the impact his age has had on the business.

“Being so young does often become a barrier when dealing with people in business, but so far I haven’t encountered any problems. Some people are surprised to discover that I am 19 [years old], but many just accept it and get on with business.

“I would certainly hope my age is not a reason for customers to go elsewhere. We offer a robust and secure network in excess of many of our closest competitors, and strive to be the best in every aspect of our industry.”

Matt Seaton, a systems administrator and close-tied associate/assistant to Matthew, described the efforts of the young business magnet as “very impressive, and I am very proud to have been a part of the conceptualisation and launch of the business.”

“I know how difficult it can be to break into the world of business, and I hope Matthew [Butt] can be considered a role model to our generation and generations to follow.

“I also think it is a kick in the rear for many larger businesses run by older professionals. Seeing the rise of Netwise Hosting must come as a shock to many of the market leaders. I do honestly think they have reason to be concerned!”
Stephen Raferty, an IT professional closely linked with Netwise Hosting, holds the business in high regard, having worked with many other professionals in the same industry.

“It’s hard to manage large numbers of servers and deal with many customers at one time. I take my hat off to Matt[hew], he knows what he is doing and this is a prime example of what a young person can achieve in the UK when they put their mind to it.

“I enjoy working with the Matthew and his team. Although very young, they are incredibly professional, and work harder than most. I would love to see more young entrepreneurs emerge in the next few years. It does seem that the likes of Alan Sugar and Richard Branson will be very hard to replace within the current generation, but this is a flicker of hope.”

Matthew has expressed his desire to motivate his generation into being more proactive, describing the younger generations as “the key to ending the credit-crisis for good”. Activating the minds and desires of the next generation is of key importance today, and his business achievements stand as impressive examples of how effective a simple idea can be when executed with passion and drive.

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