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cPanelSo you have undertaken the logical decision to use a dedicated server platform to service your every online requirement. This could range from a single Entry-Level system right up to a full rack of Ultimate machines. Yet even with system type and size considered – no matter what remote solution you have opted for – control is key.

Naturally, the very nature of the ‘dedicated server’ means that tangible contact with the machine is highly limited. Of course, certain service providers (Netwise Hosting included) will allow some flexibility in visiting privately owned machines within the data centre (meaning colocation customers are able to book appointments to personally visit their own hardware). However, standard dedicated server platforms taken out with the provider are generally off limits when it comes to personal access, as the machines are the property of the organisation.

PleskWith a remote system, your not going to be sat in front of your server(s) with a monitor. This begs the question – how do I control my server? Well this opens a rather large can of worms. There are a wealth of possibilities, ranging from command-line access through to full graphical VPS connections. This is all very well, provided you have enough time and expertise to invest in these manual forms of control. Connecting to your system through basic command-line will of course give you all the control you need, but it is far from easy to use; and incredibly unrewarding.

Whats the best way to control your server? A control panel. Now before continuing, it should be noted that control panels can be used alongside other more advanced methods of controlling your system, for the ultimate in usability and overall management flexibility.
Now why use a control panel? Well for starters, there is no need for any specialist software or applications. You can access your control panel online from anywhere in the world, whenever you want.

Control panels also specialise in the exact areas of interest to you and your business. Direct access to every aspect of your online service can be controlled through an intuitive graphical user interface, making on-the-fly changes instant and incredibly easy to deploy.

Netwise Hosting offer a selection of control panels for both Windows and Linux dedicated server solutions, giving users the freedom to chose their desired method of control. We also aim to expand our choice whenever possible, and take care of our customers requests in providing panels not expressly listed in our material. Control panels are installed from the very first point of setup, ensuring maintenance of your server is quick and efficient from the start. Make sure you are ready for whatever eventualities you may encounter during your contract, with Netwise Hosting’s fantastic selection of industry-leading control panels.

Visit our Control Panel page for more information, and choose how you want to take charge of your server today.


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