System and Service Resilience Improvements

The commitment we make to our customers here at Netwise Hosting is unfaltering, and we take great pride in our data centre and the systems within it. As such, we like to evolve and develop over time, adding to systems and processes to improve quality of service and reliability.

We have a number of new developments reaching completion in January, which will solidify the resilience of our supporting infrastructure in line with the levels of resilience already built into customer-side server, colocation, and online backup services.

Added Phone Support

We have improved our supporting infrastructure this January, with a secondary layer added to our phone support system. Emergency calls will now route through for direct contact with NOC technicians after a short holding period on our main line (0845 430 9900).

This is a preventative measure, which bridges a gap in our previous setup which could cause a phone system blackout if connectivity on our diverse uplinks were to become compromised (an almost impossible event, but something we must negate none-the-less).

Globally Diverse DNS on all Web Services

Our website, My Netwise Hosting Control Panel, Live Chat and all other customer-face online systems now sit behind a state-of-the-art globally diverse DNS system, which prevents any downtime should a DNS server fail. This ensures online support systems are readily accessible, regardless of any DNS faults. DNS fault correction is almost instantaneous on this new system.

Should our web servers fail in any way, our new DNS system will then divert traffic to our new Live System Status Information portal, detailed below;

Live System Status Information

Development has just finished on a new live system status portal, which provides users with the ability to check up on the operational health of all critical systems and services – both internal and external of the data centre – in real-time. It also provides users with an emergency support ticketing submission form should any other avenues of support become compromised in any way.

If you would like to know any more about the above improvements, please feel free to contact a member of our team today.

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