SEO Tips, Straight from Google

I have already spent some time in previous posts explaining the importance of SEO, paying particular attention to the importance of speed (as provided by a dedicated server platform) and the quality of your content. However I have yet to explore the bigger picture.

Rather than attempting to write out a length and detailed run-down off all things ‘SEO’, I thought it would in fact be far more useful to point readers in the direction of a fantastic presentation as put together by Matt Cutts ( of Google. The presentation focuses on WordPress SEO optimisation, although the advice can be more broadly applied to any type of website. Also, seeing as a large number of users on our system employ the use of their dedicated servers for the distribution of blogs, I felt this guide would be of direct relevance to them.

Enjoy the presentation.

Direct links to the content providers are here at and here on Matt Cutts’ blog. The team here at Netwise Hosting hope that you find these resources useful.

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