Resellers in Business

Resellers are nothing new – particularly in the hosting industry. Many sectors of business run schemes whereby goods are sold by proxy through a third party, with branding, pricing and other variables passed onto the reseller. The manufacturing industry uses an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) system, in which products are outsourced to third parties and rebranded for resale.

The hosting market is not far different in its approach to reselling products; and of course with the business being fully deployed online, the reseller flexibility makes potential profitability very attractive.

Resellers can take some of the leg-work away from the hosting provider, by passing marketing, account management and revenue onto a third party. This essentially means that a reseller in the hosting industry can run a successful business using products hosted with the original provider. This means that the reseller can take on the responsibility of securing customers without worrying about the management of server technologies – whilst the provider can concentrate on running industry-beating technology without having to spend excess time on marketing and other related subactivities.

Netwise Hosting currently have a number of active international reseller contracts. These have proven to be highly successful, with both parties very happy with the significant returns seen since the beginning of each relationship. These relationships develop and expand over time, ensuring business growth is organic and steady into the future.

If you are at all interested in becoming a reseller with Netwise Hosting, feel free to contact us. Visit the website for relevant contact information.

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