Q1 2013 at Netwise Hosting

A new year is upon us all, and things are already non-stop here at Netwise Hosting. This is set to be a very busy year for us, and our most successful in terms of growth since our

January Server Sale

Our January Server Sale is in full swing, with our best ever rates on all of our award-winning Dedicated Servers. Enjoy our applauded UK services for less than ever before. Stocks are very limited on this range, and we will not be restocking the same machines once depleted, so please do order quickly to avoid missing out.

New Servers Coming Soon

We are very excited to be introducing a brand new range of dedicated servers this quarter, positioning Netwise as one of the UK’s highest value dedicated hosting providers. We cannot disclose too much information at this stage, however customers can expect new Quad and Hexacore servers, with SSD options and increased bandwidth and connection speeds. What’s more, these new servers will be some of the most competitively priced high-specification dedicated servers in the UK.

We are also very excited to be introducing a ‘big data’ storage server into the mix, which will help those businesses looking to dip their toes into the world of big data processing. Watch this space!

Data Centre Video(s)

We are still working to release a new data centre video shortly. Unfortunately, production got held up over Christmas, though we expect to have the first of a range of planned videos released next month. We will post links to the completed project once production is complete.

Online Backup Updates

As well as a recent update to our Online Backup software, we also have plans to reposition the service, both in terms of package options and service cost. We will relay more information on this matter once it becomes publicly available.

PowerToolsTM Coming Soon

PowerTools is our long awaited expansion to our world-famous Colocation Calculator. This new development will add advanced power calculation tools to the estimation of colocation services, helping those who are not 100% sure on how much power their proposed deployment will use. PowerTools is set to become one of the worlds most-used online tools for estimating colocation services. We hope to have more information on this free service very soon.

That’s all for now. We have plenty more happening this year, and we hope to have more news on development for you soon. In the meantime, have a fantastic New Year!

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