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Promotional codes are nothing new. The mainstream retail industry has been pushing out promotions in this form since the dawn of the internet and e-commerce. They are essentially the 21st Centuries answer to redeemable vouchers and collectable tickets, now instantly usable over the web.

The recent surge in voucher code websites has again seen a rush in the discount revolution. It is now seen as a sin to pay full price for items that have redeemable codes offering further value. The retail giants are no stranger to these sites, with their codes and offers receiving updates daily. Customers enjoy the benefits of saving millions of pounds each year, with retailers further enjoying the enormous swell in revenue this can bring to the table.

Newer industries have slowly crept into this aspect of business promotion. It is now perfectly normal to find Tesco voucher codes alongside codes redeemable on various hotel booking pages and even car hire firms. The diversification seen in this area of the web has now allowed for spread into the online services market, with many large players in the industry offering up promotional codes on such sites. Some organisations may choose to promote their codes alone, however the directory sites do offer access to a far broader market.

Netwise Hosting are again at the forefront of this movement, with a new range of promotional codes now available for your enjoyment. Visit our new Offers page for more information and regular code updates. We can also be found on VoucherHub and RetailMeNot.

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