New Software Provisioning System

As part of our on-going commitment to constantly improve our services and create additional value for money, Netwise Hosting are pleased to announce the introduction of an advanced software provisioning system soon to be rolled out across the board. This will integrate seamlessly with your existing my.NetwiseHosting Customer Portal for complete ease of use.

Essentially, this will allow all customers to remotely reimage and alter their system software configuration from anywhere in the world, including the installation of control panels and alternative operating systems. The entire system is fully automated, meaning customers can make changes without the need to contact a member of our team. It also provides clients with bandwidth usage statistics and graphs, allowing for the monitoring of data transfer on a per server basis.

The new system utilises the latest in PXE technology, and makes advanced remote operations a breeze. This addition to our system also allows users to control their APC Remote Reboot options directly through their my.Netwise Hosting Customer Portal, again adding to the overall simplicity and interconnected nature of our system. Take greater control of your server today, with Netwise Hosting.

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