New Business/Enterprise Backup Service Coming Soon

Never ones to settle down and halt service development plans, the team here at Netwise Hosting have almost completed the augmentation process of our new Enterprise Level Online Backup service. Our new backup system has been in development with a selection of our European partners in both Germany and the Netherlands, giving excellent cross-site and cross-border redundancy. WSYG4VX9XQCW

This business-class solution will provide users with server backup options, including live database backups (MySQL, MSSQL etc), Exchange, Apache/IIS and much more. The new service will allow customers with servers here in the Netwise Hosting South facility – as well as those looking for stand-alone server backup – to enjoy this added layer of data protection.

Part of this service refresh will also see changes made to our Home and Home+ backup services – these will be overhauled to provide users with a far more user friendly experience (at a software level), and added redundancy at the backend thanks to new partnerships that ensure data is replicated more robustly. We hope these changes will add to the value of our services, and continue to push Netwise Hosting forward as a leader in the field of unified hosting and data security.


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