Netwise Hosting New Data Centre Facility – Part 2

As part of our move to the new facility, Netwise Hosting are now able to offer a series of added features and services which we feel will highly benefit both new and existing customers.

The first of these major overhauls is the addition of Personal Account Management and One-Point Contact. Any customer with Netwise Hosting – from single backup solution contract holders to full multi-rack colocation customers – will now have a singular point of contact within the organisation. This will mean your account with us is personally managed by a highly-competent member of the Netwise Hosting team, reducing query times and ensuring your services run as smoothly as possible. Direct phone and email addresses will be available for use during office hours, guaranteeing an immediate source of information regarding any personal account matters. New and existing customers will be notified of their own personal account manager, along with all the relevant contact details.

Netwise Hosting will also be rolling out a wider range of operating systems, both Linux and Windows solutions. This will improve server customisation options and give greater flexibility over end-solution suitability for many different applications. Netwise Hosting aim to constantly offer the industry leading operating systems, as well as the latest releases and innovations from both Microsoft and most leading Linux Distributions. Any key updates will also be catered for.

Our existing hardware range will also be expanding very soon. On top of offering customers Entry Level, Mid-Range and High-End dedicated servers, Netwise Hosting are launching the ‘Ultimate’ dedicated server solution. Ultimate servers will come with Dual Quad Core 2.0GHz Intel® Xeon™ Processors, 8GB RAM and 2 x 1TB Hard Disk Drives. These are our most powerful solutions to date, catering for the most resource-hungry applications. An Ultimate server solution will allow the needs of any large business to be condensed into small, easy to use machines – without the need for vast numbers of low end machines working at capacity – saving on both cost and environmental impact. For more information visit the Ultimate Server page.

We are also very pleased to annouce our full migration to Unlimited Bandwidth across all Netwise Hosting dedicated server solutions. Any server platform hosted within our facilities will now have completely unlimited bandwidth as standard at no extra cost. This further confirms our position as the most cost-effective provider of dedicated server platforms in the UK. As well as this addition to our base-level services, Remote Reboot functionality will also be included as standard on all dedicated server platforms with no added cost. Expect these changes to be in effect very soon, saving you and your business money.
To complement this added value further still, network connectivity has been improved with a greater choice of connection speeds and a better level of overall service. It is now possible to fully scale your connection along with your hardware.

Our work has also extended to the improvement of end-user software solutions. We uncovered a need for server control panels to come pre-installed on our dedicated servers for customers to use right away. Because of this emerging demand, we will soon be offering a choice of top control panels when purchasing and setting up any dedicated server solution. Panels will be provided for all operating systems wherever possible.
Whilst deciding to roll out a set of end-user control panels, we have also decided to begin redeploying our own purchasing and order handling control panels. Within the next few months, customer will be able to log into their own control panel, from which they will have the ability to undertake a wide selection of tasks, including but not limited to; checking their billing, adding upgrades, purchasing new services, advanced support, download library access, network and server status reports, maintainance timetables, FAQ’s and a new affiliates program.

Free setup will also be applicable to all services as we move into 2010, again reducing costs and increasing the overall value of the Netwise Hosting service range.

We hope you are as excited about the future as we are. These new features will ensure that both new and old customers continue to get the most for their money when it comes to owning an online service with Netwise Hosting. We look forward to adding to this growing list of additional features and services in the very near future. Keep checking back for more information.

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