London Central Build Blog – Week 9

Week 9 has seen some more of the Sutton data centre decommissioned ahead of its closure, as well as the extension of our systems in Docklands. The Docklands facilities we use help form part of our global network, giving us access to carriers and connectivity. By operating our own rack space in other key London locations, we are able to maintain end-to-end control over our systems.

Decoupling racks in Sutton ready for relocating

Core system extensions in Docklands

A look across a section of the Sutton data floor after part-decommissioning

The on-site storage facility at our new data centre has also seen advancements this week, with flooring reaching completion ahead of storage rack assembly.

Floor edging installation in storage area

Floor edging installation in storage area

Flooring in storage lobby completed

Flooring in Customer Lounge being laid

As you can see, this week has seen a division of work across 3 sites, making for a very busy period in terms of physical work and planning / orchestration.

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