London Central Build Blog – Week 4

Week 4 on site has seen the transformation of the office space really start to take shape. Emphasis has been placed on this side of the building so that our operational hub can be migrated to Bermondsey as soon as possible. As the pictures will begin to illustrate, we are maintaining our superb brand and corporate image, taking our stylistic offices to the next level with dramatic feature walls, interesting spaces and intrinsic design. This all creates a space which our staff are overjoyed to work in, and a space in which customers feel relaxed and at home.

Edging of our vast main feature wall completed

The first coat of paint being applied

A view of the wall from the office staircase

NOC screen mounts fitted to the wall

Vision panels now fitted with base frames

Repairs to additional office walls reaching completion

Our trademark orange being featured in the staff lounge

This wall will have our logo added soon

As you can see, things are really beginning to take shape now. Week 5 will see things start to come together, with flooring and the early stages of furniture additions ahead of migrating our office to the new site shortly thereafter.

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