London Central Build Blog – Week 3

Week 3 focused largely on the final structural works in the office side of the facility, along with rewiring of the office electrical systems.

Preparations for NOC TV / monitor wall

NOC TV / monitor wall base plate in place with power

This week also saw us cut in our vision panels, which we are very excited about. We have never seen another data centre install anything like this before, so we are hoping it will be well received by our customers and the industry at large.

Can you guess exactly what these vision panels will allow for? We are keeping our cards close to our chest for the time being, however those with a keen eye will probably be able to work this out for themselves! We will present more detailed photos once the glass has been installed.

Our 'vision panels' being cut


Our 'vision panels' being cut


Completed 'vision panels' ahead of framing and glazing

Completed 'vision panels' ahead of framing and glazing

Much of the work undertaken this week has been behind the scenes, such as the rewiring of the office which is all hidden behind the walls, ceiling and under the floor. Another piece of structural work completed this week was the finalisation of the electrical intake room’s cabinet wall, which will take most of our new electrical switch gear.

Electrical intake room's cabinet wall awaiting a final decorative coat

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