London Central Build Blog – Week 17

While structural works continue in both data halls, another team was able to give focus to the signage on the exterior of the building this week. This has transformed the building, branding it as our own and making the facility easily identifiable from all directions.

Removal of existing signage under way

Removal of existing signage under way

New signage mounting points installed

A closer look at the mounting points

Wiring and testing the LED lighting ahead of installation

The first section built and ready for installation

Wiring on rear of stand-off lettering

First panel in place on exterior of building

First panel in place, as seen from the road

Second panel in place

Third panel in place

Fourth and fifth panels in place

A close look at the final panel installation

The completed sign ahead of internal wiring

This is another milestone week for Netwise, in that the building has now been branded with our logo, making our arrival to the area somewhat official. We have further signage being installed soon, including Netwise House lettering on the front of the building, and other supplementary signage that will help direct visitors around the estate. Expect photos of the signage lit up at night soon.

Improved access to the data halls next week should also allow for further photo-updates.

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