How to handle a fast-growing business

On top of the list that all business owners want to have is growth; expected or unexpected.

With internet access meaning companies are more connected to their clients than ever, whether it be due to wise business decisions, an unforeseen upsurge in demand, or even ‘going viral’, your small business may have to face this challenge head-on at any time. For this reason, it pays to be prepared.

If you have a fast-growing business in today’s world, there’s one concern that should be on your mind more than any other. Data.

The need for small businesses to store and analyse data is more and more crucial. In fact, utilising the information that you are already storing can lead to a 15% increase in sales, so including data management in your plans is key.

Let us show you how a colocation service provider can help you when your business grows quickly.

Stay connected

An increase in demand can make or break a business, and often the first signal of an ill-prepared company is their website crashing due to sudden increased load.

By allowing this to happen, you could be seriously damaging your chances to take advantage of those all-important conversions, as there is no guarantee that potential customers will be patient enough to come back when you are back up and running. 

The core of this problem lies in a server not being able to cope with the demands placed upon it. 

The use of a colocation data centre can help in avoiding this type of problem, meaning you’ll have access to a scalable setup, prepared to handle the challenges of a sudden surge in popularity. Colocation data centres have redundant network connections, offering peace of mind that your critical systems will continue to run smoothly at all times.

Critical software applications will also run faster when deployed centrally, from a data centre. This means that your staff only need to focus on the work at hand. Should there be a need to resolve an issue, you can avoid having to unload it onto your in-house IT department, as tickets are easy to raise and can be attended to by a professional whose only focus is resolving your problem.

Data security

The integrity of your business is directly linked to how seriously you take protecting your data. Unfortunately, if you have a fast-growing business, the likelihood that you could be subject to a cyber-attack also increases, meaning that data security is essential. 

In addition to becoming a target for hackers, another key consideration is the potential loss of data. The repercussions on a fast-growing business could be staggering, with Workspace reporting that 60% of companies that lose critical data close down within six months of the disaster.

With this in mind, it’s clear that this often-overlooked area is one to pay close attention to, to ensure that your business remains profitable. 

Another danger to data security comes from not having systems in place to that allow for in house security. In most cases, a small business will permit all employees to access any data stored on their network, yet as a business grows this increases the risk of this information being compromised. 

By placing data on remote servers and carefully controlling both digital and physical access, you can ensure that employees only see what’s necessary for their jobs. Rather than this being a reflection on staff, this added layer of security provides them with protection and demonstrates to any clients – as well as auditors – that data security is at the forefront of your business.

Keep costs down  

Current success needs dynamic action if it is to be maintained. If you already have servers on-location that can handle your demands at present, there are costs involved in maintaining and potentially upgrading them. 

Doing so can result in huge expenses. Everything from temperature regulation to hiring skilled technicians all will eat into your bottom line. 

There is also the added factor of lack of office space. As a common side effect of a small business growing too fast, this can add strain on operations that can be damaging. Servers need to be stored, and with office space at a premium, it is understandable why many look to colocation centres to clear valuable space and service this need.

By using a data centre, you’re not only freeing up floor space, you also have the flexibility to expand your data storage capacity. The benefits of essentially future-proofing your business in this way cannot be overstated.

Subsequent savings can then be reinvested into your business, which can lead to an increase in revenue.

Take action now

Being able to capitalise on and maintain a fast-growing business requires a lot of hard work. For preventable issues to put any future success in jeopardy would be devastating. 

On the other hand, being prepared for any eventuality by using a colocation service provider helps attain peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what you’re already doing right.

To find out more about what we can do for you, get in touch with us today.