How Hard Can It Be To Find a Specialist IUCLID Host?

If you are looking for a simple off-the-peg hosting solution, you can browse almost anywhere online and find a suitable solution in minutes. Tailored servers and colocation services? Well, you may need to look a little harder for the more professional providers in this particular market, but finding one should still come with relative ease. Specialist hosting? Thats an entirely different problem.

Of course, a dedicated server can be used for almost any purpose and has limitless potential; given the right know-how. Yet there are certain types of hosted service that require a little more care and attention. One such service, overlooked by the hosting industry at large for many years, is IUCLID 5 Chemical Database Hosting – remarkable considering the number of organisations heavily reliant on the International Uniform Chemical Information Database.

This specialist software has been a key part of any organisation dealing in chemical research for a number of years now. In-house hosting has been the only real solution for many firms, requiring expert knowledge of server functionality as well as adding to stress of the core business activities. Naturally, any business dealing in such an academically intense environment could do with such a requirement being outsourced. Some organisations have outsourced the hardware requirements to hosting providers in the past, yet still required in-house IT departments to configure and operate the system. This IT requirement would sometimes be outsourced as well as the hardware requirements, to independent IT firms commanding outrageous working fees.

These problems however, are now a thing of the past. Hosting, configuration and continued support can now be found in one location within the UK. Netwise Hosting have responded to demand and now offer a fully comprehensive package for all your IUCLID requirements. Please visit the Specialist Hosting page for more information on our exact IUCLID service package.

We also offer specialist Parallels Virtuozzo Container hosting, with details further explained on the Specialist Hosting page also.

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