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Modern business has seen a direct shift in focus in recent years. According to the transitional models of academics Dwyer, Payne and Kotler, traditional marketing and business model operation strategies are now long dead. The pivotal change came with the introduction of relationship marketing strategies in the late 90’s. Essentially, it is no longer acceptable to focus on growth from a business-centric position – the focus has been shifted to operating within a customer-centric model of operation, thus placing customers at the heart of all decisions made within the organisation. This reaps benefits on both ends of the table, with customers enjoying a better rounded personal level of service, and businesses better able to retain existing clients. With the state of the economy, it is the retention of existing business which is keeping many businesses afloat.

As I am sure most will expect, Netwise Hosting plan to innovate new strategies and so lead the internet services industry into this exciting area of operation. It takes a special group of dynamic thinkers to come up with ground-breaking new strategies in an otherwise clockwork marketplace, making Netwise Hosting the only real choice for taking control of such changes.

The well established mobile telecommunications industry is and ideal case study in identifying the key advantages behind implementing a customer-centric retention orientated business model. Relationship focus has played a major role in how the big players inside the mobile telecomm’s industry have found such dizzying heights of success. Looking at the contrasting successes of O2 and Vodafone illustrate this point very effectively, as well as taking into consideration the smaller companies such as Orange and T-Mobile.
Although Vodafone are the worlds largest mobile telecommunications provider, with 333 million customers worldwide, their focus on retaining UK customers has slipped considerably. This is due to a continuing focus on general growth, particularly focusing efforts on the emerging economies such as China and India. Vodafone hold this to be of key importance, and in terms of growing the value of their business they would be entirely correct. India alone have 52 million new mobile phone contracts taken out every month, making the market highly valuable. But of course this has a trade off, in the loss of UK business.
This means that the UK’s mobile contracts market has been taken over by O2, who are undoubtably the leaders in relationship marketing strategies. O2’s extensive customer service portfolio has secured their place as the UK’s favorite provider of mobile phone services, with the O2 Priority events and venues a key success in their overall strategy.

The What Mobile Awards show the progression of the smaller providers across the years, with Orange winning the top award in 2009, ahead of both O2 and Vodafone. This is thanks to their impressive customer-centric marketing deployment activities, such as Orange Wednesdays and other 2-4-1 offers –  a very good indication of how much the public appreciate being valued as a paying customer.

Bringing this over to the dedicated server market will not be an easy task, primarily because of our target market. However, Netwise Hosting are currently in the process of planning out a series of additional offers that we feel our customers will value. We hope this will aid in customer retention, and in boosting customer satisfaction as a whole.

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