Data Centre Demand to Grow

Experts all around the hosting industry are confirming the strength of data centre demand, despite general downturn in most major global economies. Data centre providers all around the world are proudly announcing growth across the board, a rarity for businesses operating in professional business-to-business industries in todays market conditions.

The worlds largest landlord of data centre property, Digital Reality Trust, told Data Center Knowledge of their “largest quarter of new signed leases” to date, all in times considered turbulent amongst market speculators. News across the pond in the USA is glowing to say the least, but that’s to be half expected given how the data centres operate over there; hyper-large warehouse-style data centre space enjoys economies of scale not felt in most other regions. have also been sharing reports of such growth.

So how are things in Europe, where it is the quality of supplementary services that mean the most to end clients? Can such highly professional business services be enjoying similar growth to the stack-them-high, sell-them-cheap models adopted by the mega data centres of the USA? In short, yes.

Emerging economies in Eastern Europe are hungry of the levels of service on offer in the likes of the UK, meaning demand is very much on the rise. UK data centre space, particularly that inside the capital, is running out. New data centres are being built to fulfil demands, and are in many cases sold out before completion (Sentrum’s Croydon facility, for example). But why is this the case?

Its simple to see why this is when looking at current trends in computing around the world. Everything is moving to the cloud. From application hosting like Office 365 and Google Docs, to desktop virtualisation and browser-only computing as with Chromebooks, everything is becoming a readily available streaming service. OnLive allows you to stream game content to your home PC or internet enabled TV, NetFlix and LoveFilm allow for the streaming of HD films straight over the net. This trend is set to grow rapidly, as more and more services hit the cloud – and of course this means more data centre space taken up by new streaming content businesses.

Netwise Hosting, as a dynamic provider of flexible, bespoke data centre space, has enjoyed remarkable interest and subsequent growth since completion of its Netwise Hosting South facility in mid-late 2011. If you are looking for data centre space or other associated services (dedicated servers etc) in the UK, there has never been a better time to act. Space is in high-demand, and service quality is far in excess of that experienced in many other major hosting locations.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I really enjoyed reading it. It’s interesting to see how the data centres are growing.

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