Boris Johnson shows support to London’s brightest new data centre

Netwise with Johnson(Sutton, London) – As part of Boris Johnson’s current mayoral election campaign, he today visited Sutton, South London and met with internet service providers Netwise Hosting, showing his hands-on support to young people in business. The mayor, hoping to be re-elected this May, is an avid supporter of thriving new business in London, and requested a meeting with Netwise Hosting’s young management duo to show his support in this pivotal year in London’s history.

Boris requested time out of his busy visiting schedule to take some photographs with Managing Director, Matthew Butt (22, right) and Senior Manager, Matt Seaton (22, left) on Sutton High Street.

Building a business in tough economic times is difficult, and support is essential in making business ventures a success. Johnson hopes that this shining example of fresh, young entrepreneurial talent will help pull more attention towards London in the run up to the 2012 games, and prove to the world that success is abound in the nation’s capital.

Netwise with Johnson

Netwise Hosting, founded in 2009, operates out of its own private London data centre, which the small team designed and built in the space of just a few short years. The pair were very excited to receive personal appraisals from the Mayor of London, and appreciate his support.

Matthew Butt and long-time business partner Matt Seaton have since been nominated for a number of important local and industry-specific awards, including Best New Business and Entrepreneur of the Year at the Sutton Business Awards, and Best SME Hosting with the ISPA.
Boris hopes to see a rising interest in business amongst the young people of London in the coming years, as he firmly believes they are fundamental in bringing about real economic change for the cities future.

What is a data centre?

Simply put, data centres are the beating heart of the internet and everything you do online. Every time you visit a website, send an email or use an online service, you are sending and receiving information to and from data centres all around the globe. London is arguably the world’s premier connectivity hub, with a large number of leading data centres in and around the city.

About Netwise Hosting

Netwise Hosting provision enterprise-level hosted environments to a wide and varied customer-base, working closely with clients all around the world. From bespoke colocation deployments, affordable dedicated server platforms, right through to robust online backup solutions, Netwise Hosting bring to life a wholly unified approach to hosting.

A young and dynamic team sit at the helm, allowing Netwise Hosting to grow progressively and organically into the flexible company it is today. The bespoke, almost boutique nature of the Netwise Hosting facility, coupled with the unique dynamism of company operations, allows for the supply of truly individualised solutions – meeting the exacting needs of clients regardless of any budgetary or other such common constraints.

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