Boosting PageRank with Content

PageRank is perhaps the most sought-after SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) function in the online world. As we all know, Google are the driving force behind almost all search traffic on the net, and also the primary referrer for website traffic. Because of this it is critically important that websites are able to obtain a high PageRank.

The internet is filled to the brim with guides on how to boost SEO and PageRank, most of which market themselves with tricks and work-arounds that the author claims will increase your sites SEO with half the effort. As with most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A high PageRank is not something which can be obtained by deception.

The biggest factor in boosting your PageRank (and your overall SEO in general) is time. Even if you tick every basic SEO box in the book, your site will not go soaring up the Google search index overnight. It takes time for the indexing robots to trawl your site and update your status. It should also be noted that you won’t be the only website in your search category who has implemented such methods, and as such you should understand that you can’t fly past competitor websites just by doing the same as they do. The chances are, many sites out there are doing what you do, and more on top – all to a higher standard. Simple statistics can tell you that.

The biggest error seen on the web today is the frequent use of money in an attempt to boost PageRank. Countless companys seem to think that ploughing more and more money into AdWords and other such activities will somehow bribe the Google system into placing you higher in their index. Unfortunately, that is not how it works; and even if it were, someone would no doubt put more money into it than you anyway.

So what is the real solution to boosting PageRank? Well, obviously your site should tick all the basic SEO boxes as mentioned before. You can find most if not all of these by performing a simple search of the net.
If you have completed all that you can here, you should be focusing on site content. It is well known that having as many links to your site on the web will help your PageRank dramatically, but that requires solid online marketing and the building of a large web-presence. This will take a long time and should grow dynamically without too much effort provided your base content is good.

The indexing robots are looking for a number of things when ranking websites. Although it may sound very sci-fi, they can in fact recognise more about a website and its content than you may initially think. One very important factor that they will be looking out for is readable, valid and related content. They can identify the difficulty of language used in text, so you should try and use the simplest language possible when writing out content to be used in an informative way. Not only will this boost your SEO and PageRank, but also improve your visitors experience on your site. Providing the end user with relevant content is key in improving sales conversions, not only in helping your SEO.

The Netwise Hosting team have just rolled out new content on our key section pages. This can be seen by clicking the ‘More’ link in the footer of each main section. This content will be indexed by Google and noted on their system as helpful information. This will improve our PageRank, overall SEO and visitor satisfaction levels.

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  1. So links from higher PageRank pages and industry relevant sites give your site a higher value yes? Thanks for the info!

    ps. I may be in contact shortly for a dedicated server. Thanks.

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