Best Green Business Award Nominee

We are very excited to announce our nomination for ‘Best Green Business’ at the 2013 South London Business Awards.

This follows our success during the 2012 awards season, in which we took home the award for ‘Best New Business’ and a special commendation for ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the Sutton Business Awards, and a nomination for ‘Best New Business’ at the South London Business Awards.

We are hoping our unparalleled energy savings will take us to a victory in this category – it is fairly safe to assume that no other organisation in our class will be able to match our 250 ton CO2 saving each year. That’s equivalent to taking around 55 cars off our roads!

Wish us luck, and keep an eye on our Twitter account on the 4th of July for live updates from the gala dinner.


  1. Hopefully those clever evaporative coolers will take you to a win for this award – good luck!

  2. Good luck to you guys, you deserve a win here. Your green cooling system is very impressive!

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