A Quick Update from The New Facility

By the end of next week (Friday 1st July) the primary build work will be complete, meaning the facility is almost ready for the second phase of development. The remodelling of the internal structure has been a long-winded affair, but is now coming together as expected – and on time. The extensive soundproofing and data centre shell construction will be in place within the next few days, meaning the facility is tantalisingly close to occupancy.

The next phase will consist of running all of our new technology services into the building, including power, communications, fire and security. This will be followed closely by the installation of hardware at the new site, alongside the completion of our new office space. This highly bespoke colocation facility is becoming a very exciting place to see develop; day by day getting more and more impressive. We expect our demanding colocation customers to be overwhelmed with just how well suited this new site is to their needs. We hope to have some photographs up in due course.

We will be holding our first facility tours soon, so ensure you check back for details – or book on our website now.

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